Taking the Path Less Travelled

27 February, 2024

Taking the Path Less Travelled

Picture taken in front of "The Motherland Calls" on Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd, previously known as Stalingrad, June 2016.

Throughout my life and career, I have taken the path less travelled. From a young university undergraduate to an Air Force officer, these journeys were daunting but ultimately worth it. 

While at university, I was writing on a topic on which few others were researching.  As there was little information on the subject, I decided to go to Vienna, Austria, to acquire the most accurate information on the subject.  Organizing such a visit was not easy: letters of invitation, arranging flights, ground transportation, and a hotel room in a city which I had never visited was indeed somewhat daunting.  

Nonetheless, I went through with the study trip in the middle of winter. This journey turned out to be the most worthwhile travel I had carried out to date, not only in acquiring information that was not available in the UK, but for personal development.  I saw a beautiful city, interacted with its inhabitants, and trying to understand a dialect of German with which I was unfamiliar.  

Despite the trepidation, I came out of the experience a more rounded and more knowledgeable person.  I grew.  Ever since, I have striven to go out of my comfort zone.  

It is with this mindset I approach commercial real estate: going off the beaten path to the less obvious places to reap the results and the benefits which others do not have.